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| caption = [[Bruce Lee]] as Cheng Chao-An in ''[[The Big Boss]]''.

| first = ''[[The Big Boss]]'' (1972)

| last = ''[[The Big Boss Part 2]]'' (1976)

| creator = [[Lo Wei]]

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  • [[Bruce Lee]] {{small|(1972)}}
  • [[Bruce Li]] <br> {{small|(1976)}}
  • [[Jason Scott Lee]] {{small|(1994)}}
  • [[Danny Chan Kwok-kwan]] {{small|(2008)}}

| gender = Male

| occupation = Martial artist, Factory laborer

| nationality = Chinese

| lbl23 = Martial arts

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* [[Sanshou]]

* [[Southern Dragon Kung Fu]]

* [[Muay Thai]]

* [[Hung Ga|Hong Fist]]<ref name="">[ ''Fist of Fury''] on</ref>

* [[Karate]]<ref group="notes">Chen Zhen learns karate during his overseas studies in Japan in ''[[Huo Yuanjia (2001 TV series)|Huo Yuanjia]]'' (2001).</ref>

* [[Mizongyi|Mizong Fist]]<ref group="notes">Huo Yuanjia teaches Chen Zhen the Mizong Fist in most of the adaptations, especially television series. In ''[[Fist of Legend]]'', Huo Yuanjia's son, Huo Ting'en, teaches Chen Zhen the skill.</ref>

* [[Nunchaku]]-do<ref group="notes">Chen Zhen uses a nunchaku in ''[[Fist of Fury]]'' and many other remakes. In ''[[Fist of Legend]]'', however, he uses an ordinary leather belt as if it were a nunchaku, rather than the weapon itself.</ref>


'''Cheng Chao-an''' ({{zh|first=t|t=鄭潮安|s=郑潮安|p=Zhèng Cháo-Ān|cy=Zeng Ciu-On}}) is a fictional character from the 1971 film ''[[The Big Boss]]'', played by [[Bruce Lee]]. He is a young man who travels from [[China]] to the remote town of [[Pak Chong]] in [[Thailand]] to work with his [[expatriate]] cousins at an ice factory. Cheng and his co-workers are perplexed by the disappearance of several of the workers until he discovers that Hsiao Mi ([[Han Ying-chieh]]) - the "big boss" of the title - is using the factory as a front to smuggle [[heroin]].<ref></ref> The character was also featured in the 1976 [[Unofficial_sequel#Unofficial_sequels|non-canon unofficial sequel]], ''The Big Boss, Part II'' played by [[Bruce Le]]. In addition to this, several actors have [[Bruceploitation|portrayed Bruce Lee acting as the character]].


Cheng Chow-An (Bruce Lee) is sent to Thailand to live with his expatriate cousins, and to stay out of trouble. Cheng has promised his aging mother that his fighting days are through. He even has a good-luck pendant he wears around his neck to remind him of his oath.

With the help of his cousins, he gets a job at the local ice factory. Things seem to be going well until several of Cheng's co-workers mysteriously disappear. Unbeknownst to our him, his co-workers have been killed and the ice factory is really just a cover for trafficking illicit drugs. When Cheng’s cousin Hsu Chien ([[James Tien]]) goes missing, tensions flare at the ice factory, and a fight breaks out between the Chinese workers and the Thai management. Cheng, breaking his pledge to his mother, finds he has no other choice but to fight.

Recognizing Cheng as a threat to his enterprise, Hsiao Mi ([[Han Ying-chieh]]) chooses to make him an unwitting ally. Hsiao Mi promotes Cheng from low-level employee to foreman and tempts him with an assortment of vices; [[alcohol]] and a [[prostitute]]. Cheng's sudden relationship with the big boss alienates both his family members and his co-workers. Things quickly take a turn for the worse, resulting in the murders of his cousins and the abduction of Cheng’s youngest cousin, [[Chiao Mei]] ([[Maria Yi]]). This causes Cheng to seek revenge.<ref></ref>


Cheng has a bandage on his right index finger throughout most of the film. This was due to an actual injury Lee sustained by a broken glass on set. He also pulled a muscle in his leg near the end of the film, severely affecting his mobility. This was excused by having the big boss stab Cheng in the leg in the film's final fight.<ref></ref>

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